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Math and Music: Harmonious Connections
by Trudi Hammill, Garland, Kahn, and Stenstedt
An exploration of the fascinating relationship between math and music. The author diagrams the examples nicely with explanations. Proportions, patterns, Fibonacci numbers, geometric transformations, trigonometric functions, fractals, and other mathematical concepts are inherent in music. Math & Music is a valuable resource for teachers who want their students to understand the connections music has with math, nature, science, history and art - connections found in many cultures and eras. An extensive bibliography and index are included.


Music, Physics & Engineering
by Harry F. Olson
The science of musical sound has evolved a great deal since 1966 when the second edition of 'Music, Physics and Engineering' was first published. However, this historical work can be of value to musical engineers even in today's fast changing technological world.


The Secret of Teaching Science & Math Through Music
by Madeline Frank
Frank points out that such philosophers as Albert Schweitzer and Albert Einstein believed that music helped them to think better. Her book also surveys several different sets of test results that show scores are higher among students who played musical instruments.


Science & Music
by Sir James Hopwood Jeans and James Jeans
This book is a solid general reference on the physics of sound (music in particular) from instrument through air to the ear. It predates cognitive science.