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Art& Architecture  Mathematical Principles
Arches to Zigzags
by Crosbie and Rosenthal
An ABC book for "us grownups". Ostensibly aimed at the young, this large-format book is a delight for adults as well. The ABC's of architecture include elegant pictures of arches, gargoyles, hinges, I-beams, urns, and zigzags plus rhymes and an "afterward filling in definitions and locations of the architectural elements used. MORE...


Fractals, Googols, And Other Mathematical Tales
by Theoni Pappas
Great fun for grades 6 through 12 and for interested adults too. A new treasure trove of stories that make mathematical ideas come to life with an unusual cast of characters. MORE...

Biographies Education grades 7+
Science and the Founding Fathers
by I. Bernard Cohen
Science in the political thought of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and James Madison. An interesting angle never before taken on the founding fathers. MORE...

Number Devil
by Hans Magnus Enzenberger
This is a quirky little book for ages 10 to adult. Young Robert's dreams have taken a decided turn for the weird. Instead of falling down holes and such, he visits a bizarre magical land of number tricks with the number devil as his host. MORE...

Education Gr. K-6 Practical Applications

Count Your Way Through Russia
Through the device of counting 1 to 10 in Russian, with phonetic instruction for each number, the reader learns about the country and its people. MORE...


Towing Icebergs, Falling Dominoes, and Other Adventures in Applied Mathematics
by Robert B. Banks
This work is an applied mathematics book for the general reader who understands calculus. It contains a large collection of popular engineering problems, worked out completely, that should inform and entertain the reader. The mathematics used in this book includes elementary algebra, geometry, spherical trigonometry, calculus, and elementary differential equations. MORE...


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